Japan’s Beloved Companies
Recommended by Ryu Murakami, this moving book includes the story of a special chalk company. Pr ime Minister Hatoyama himself was filled with so much admiration for this company that he visited the firm himself, eventually introducing it in the course of delivering a public policy speech.
AuthorKoji Sakamoto
PublisherASA Publishing Co.,Ltd
ISBN978 - 4860632489
Sold toSimplified Chinese

Japanese Home Cooking
AuthorReiko Suenaga
PublisherVeronica Lane Books
ISBN978 - 0982651391
CategoryCooking, Food & Wine

SAKE, Health and Longevity
AuthorYukio Takizawa
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body

Computer Processing of Asian Spoken Languages
AuthorShuichi Itahashi, Chiu-yu Tseng (eds.)
PublisherAmericas Group Publications
ISBN978 - 0935047721
CategoryComputers & Internet

World-class Leadership
Based on the careful analysis of business market research and numerous interviews with people who lead today's world economy, Tetsuya Abe proposes a new leadership theory. With decades of experience in business and by studying leadership and the hierarchy of the workplace, Abe focuses on the comparison between Western and Eastern-style leaderships. His own conclusion is that these two different styles should be integrated into one, which is suited for the new global market.
AuthorTetsuya Abe
ISBN978 - 4496044878
Sold toEnglish

Mimi works for a company that transports patients to mental institutions. One day 14-year-old Masaya escapes from her care. She tries to decipher his parting message "the bottom will fall out of the city," feeling that this somehow holds a key to his whereabouts.
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN478 - 4344403525
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
Sold toItaly, Russia

Psychic Therapy: Your Soul's True Purpose
If you open up this book --- if you really "open up" this book, if you open up your mind, if you abandon all prejudices and preconceptions --- you will discover your true purpose in life. "Psychic therapist" Kinue Shima guides us through the deepest mysteries of the universe and of our own minds, all in crystal-clear, jargon-free prose.
AuthorKinue Shima
PublisherKK Bestsellers
ISBN978 - 4584189825
CategoryReligion & Spirituality

Japan and Judiasm
AuthorYuji Sano
ISBN978 - 4938907488
CategoryReligion & Spirituality

One Hundred and One Nightmares
"Akumu hyakuichi ya" (One Hundred and One Nightmares) is a collection of short stories exploring our deepest fears and neuroses while remaining firmly rooted in our experiences of daily life. Although drawing on elements of Japanese culture, the nightmarish scenarios are surprisingly familiar for Western readers who will immediately identify with the characters and the situations they face.
AuthorKanji Hanawa
PublisherUchiyama Shuppan
ISBN978 - 4903391007
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

Something Fishy
Welcome to the world of Fukusuke Kurenaimon, a private detective with a knack for attracting rather strange cases... His first client, for example, asks him to investigate why her ex-husband was wearing a girl's school uniform on the morning he was run over. Armed with plenty of humour, Fukusuke sets off to solve this case as well as three others. However, some grisly murder always makes things far more complicated ...
AuthorRyuichi Kasumi
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
ISBN978 - 4043729012
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

My Brimming Heart
Racing heartbeat at the beginning, heart filled with love, uncontrollable tears, a sense of insecurity running through my mind... The emotions of a girl in love are portrayed in "Gogyohka" (five-line poetry). Love spills out of 54 pieces of poetry.
AuthorFusako Ando
PublisherLyon Co.Ltd.
ISBN978 - 4576042534
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

The Night Time Picnic
More than 800,000 copies were sold, including paperbacks published in Sept. 2006. A film based on the novel was released in Sept. 2006. The novel is now translated into Chinese, Korean, and possibly into Thai, but no European language. Many adult readers as much as teenagers are attracted to the story, and its basic themes - the feud between half-siblings, parents and children, true friendship - are universal.
AuthorRiku Onda
ISBN978 - 4101234175
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

Fleece Dog
First of its kind in the world!!
You can make your own unique Fleece Dog.
It's not a stuffed toy or a knitted toy.
It's the cutest miniature dog you've ever seen.
PublisherBunka Publishing Bureau
ISBN978 - 4579110155
CategoryCrafts & Hobbies
Sold toUK, US, Finland, Denmark, France, Sweden

Diary of World Schooling
Award-winning book by minister of education in Taiwan.
You Iwamoto, a 20-year-old college student, left Japan for one year to find out exactly what was missing in his life. This book is a diary of his observation during his journey, and a record of his growth and discovery filled with laughter and strong messages.
AuthorYou Iwamoto

Drowning Fish
All hell breaks loose when threatening notes arrive at a major conglomerate. The notes contain no reference to money. The only demand in the notes is that the executives humiliate themselves in public. Who sent the notes? What are they really after? The Drowning Fish is for mystery readers who like a little slapstick and mayhem along with their corporate crime, bureaucratic intrigue, and underworld violence.
AuthorKeita Tokaji
ISBN978 - 4101248318
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

I Remember When I was in Mommy's Tummy
The baby's listening! Watch what you're saying - or not saying! Surveys of little children that many remember prenatal life and their birth. Mother-baby bonding begins in the womb. Dr. Ikegawa urges loving talk starting from conception and shares actual children's reports, in this thoughtful and heartwarming little book.
AuthorAkira Ikegawa
ISBN978 - 4576021539
CategoryParenting & Families
Sold toItaly

QUILL - The Life of a Guide Dog
Guide dogs not only lead blind people but also are always there to comfort their partner. They love working and become very loyal. They really are good friends.
With beautiful pictures taken by Akimoto who followed Quill for twelve years, this book lets you embrace the warmth of this clever dog.
AuthorKengo Ishiguro, Ryohei Akimoto
PublisherBungei Shunju Ltd.
ISBN978 - 4163572604

Tokyo Cats Diary
How does your cat communicate with you? Does she sneak in while you're taking a bath, to get cozy and warm in winter? Does she steal fish from your grill? Meet these two adorable Tokyo cats. These humorous and human tales of their lives will make you want to snuggle with your cats too!
AuthorTamaki Mike
CategoryComics & Graphic Novels

Where would a shaman fit into modern society? Are trance states to be dismissed simply as fits of madness? Is the buffoonery of psychic hotlines all that the modern world has left of spiritual intuition? Randy Taguchi's upbeat riff on modern spirituality, her first novel, is a psychological detective story that seeks to answer these questions.
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN978 - 4344401808
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
Sold toUSA, Italy, Russia, Romania

Antenna is a powerful account of grief and healing within a family following the tragic disappearance of their daughter. With expert pacing combining narrative and dream sequences, Taguchi relentlessly takes her protagonist and readers alike to the depths of raw pain and torment, to the very edge of sanity, and ultimately to a kind of catharsis as the family finally achieve closure and are able to move on in their lives.
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN978 - 4344402478
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
Sold toItaly, Russia