Wholegarment: The Philosophy and Technology of a Fashion Revolution
AuthorMasahiro Shima
ISBN978 - 1911498827
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The Nestlé Method to Success
Unsatisfied with a 10% profit margin: the strategy that is beating convenience store coffee!
Leading the company from strength to strength in the last four years since becoming CEO: the method to success revealed.
Praised by the father of modern management Philip Kotler as the realization of his marketing theory.
AuthorKozo Takaoka
ISBN978 - 4046011640

A unique approach to management and life, taking inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Japanese martial art of Kyudo—The Way of the Bow

Applying the teachings of Kyudo to actual business situations, author Jerome Chouchan (CEO, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand at Godiva Japan, Inc. and holding a 5 Dan rank and an instructor licence , Renshi, in Kyudo) offers insights into the art and practice of management that allowed him to innovate and double the size of its business in five years.

AuthorJerome Chouchan
PublisherTakahashi Shoten
ISBN978 - 4471401030
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Why Do Global Elites Use This “Framework” To Move The World?
Create and Act on Global Standard Scenarios via “Analogy”
-- Leveraging Aristotelian or Peircean Reasoning

A Mindset for Survival in an Uncertain Future!
AuthorTakeo Harada
PublisherKanki Publishing Inc.

Leadership 3.0: Going Beyond Heroic-Leaders
AuthorToshiya Kosugi
ISBN978 - 4396113063

Practical Strategic Management: How to Apply Strategic Thinking in Business
AuthorEiichi “Eric” Kasahara
ISBN978 - 4806148609
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The Never-ending Progress: How Information Technology Is Making the World a Better Place
AuthorToshio Iwamoto
ISBN978 - 4492502525

Japan’s Beloved Companies
Recommended by Ryu Murakami, this moving book includes the story of a special chalk company. Pr ime Minister Hatoyama himself was filled with so much admiration for this company that he visited the firm himself, eventually introducing it in the course of delivering a public policy speech.
AuthorKoji Sakamoto
PublisherASA Publishing Co.,Ltd
ISBN978 - 4860632489
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World-class Leadership
Based on the careful analysis of business market research and numerous interviews with people who lead today's world economy, Tetsuya Abe proposes a new leadership theory. With decades of experience in business and by studying leadership and the hierarchy of the workplace, Abe focuses on the comparison between Western and Eastern-style leaderships. His own conclusion is that these two different styles should be integrated into one, which is suited for the new global market.
AuthorTetsuya Abe
ISBN978 - 4496044878
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'I will make it! --- The World's Best Craftsman, Masayuki Okano
This is a book by Masayuki Okano, owner of a Japanese small family-run factory with only six employees, who makes the impossible possible.
AuthorMasayuki Okano
PublisherChukei Publishing Company
ISBN978 - 4806117605