Gut power (Chounouryoku)
Discover how the latent power of your gut can change your body and mind
AuthorTakanori Naganuma
PublisherBAB JAPAN
ISBN978 - 4862206480
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toFrance

The Yoga Vision Method
The amazing all-natural way to improve your eyesight and prevent farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and senility.

The Yoga Vision Method
Regain your vitality and enjoy life again with this life-changing therapy

How to instantly improve your eyesight and maintain optimal, visual fitness!

Stop farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and improve your vision right now! Find key answers in this book.
AuthorKazuhiro Nakagawa
ISBN978 - 4103341314
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toItaly, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain

Practicing No Suffering, According to Buddha
Sensational smash hit!
100,000 copies sold immediately after publication.

It’s so simple that you can start practicing today.
There’s no need to agonize any longer . . .
AuthorKoike Ryunosuke, Suzuki Tomoko (Illustration)
ISBN978 - 4093881821
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toFrance, Italy

I Am A Stuttering Doctor
I am a stuttering doctor.
And I hope to make an essential contribution to society.
AuthorYoshikazu Kikuchi
PublisherThe Mainichi Newspapers
ISBN978 - 4620320366
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body

Seven Steps to Happiness
Are you happy now? Can you answer yes to this question without even hesitating?
AuthorRyu Suzuto
PublisherJ-LINK Publishing
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body

Miso Power
Get Healthy and Fight Illness with a Daily Bowl of Miso Soup
AuthorHiromitsu Watanabe
PublisherKanki Publishing Inc
ISBN978 - 4761268251
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body

SAKE, Health and Longevity
AuthorYukio Takizawa
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body

I Lost Weight After I Stopped Dieting
You can lose weight by eating what you want and when you want. You don't need to diet; instead, simply enjoy the food you feel like eating. In this book, Matsuriko will teach you how to listen to your appetite so that you'll know exactly what your body needs in order to lose weight. You too will have a healthy, slender body, with none of the awful rebound effects of dieting!
AuthorMatsuriko Natsume
PublisherSaiunn Shuppan
ISBN978 - 4434084874
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toCzech