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Launched in 2005, Japanese Writers' House is an enterprise owned & managed by TranNet KK, a Tokyo-based literary agency and book translation company. Our goal is to become a key platform for editors, agents, and translators around the world, interested in finding out more about modern and contemporary Japanese culture and literature. Showcasing a variety of interesting works with international potential on behalf of Japanese publishers and authors, we are very proud to be associated with an extensive network of talents and companies, ranging from budding young writers to long-established publishers, such as Kawade Shobo Shinsha, a firm founded in 1886. One of a handful of Japanese agencies promoting Japanese works in English, Japanese Writers' House is passionate about introducing Japanese culture to the world.

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2020/05/01 Online Serial Publication "Day to Day", Featuring English Translations from TranNet KK NEWS Details
2020/04/24 Seven of Keigo Higashino's Novels to Be Published in Ebook Form NEWS Details
2020/04/17 Supporting the Purchase of Stock for Books to be Sold NEWS Details
2020/04/10 Rising Global Interest in Kazufumi Shiraishi's "100 Million Yen Sayonara" NEWS Details
2020/04/03 Albert Camus Novel “The Plague” Sees Sudden Rise in Sales NEWS Details
2020/03/27 Publication of "Masukomi sekuhara hakusho" (The state of sexual harassment in media) NEWS Details
2020/03/19 A Look at Science-Writer Ken Tsuchiya's Latest Book, "Anomalocaris Palaeontology" NEWS Details
2020/03/09 A Proactive Organization of Complex Football Through “The Okada Method” NEWS Details
2020/02/28 Osamu Tezuka’s Most Elusive Manga to Be Published Next Month NEWS Details
2020/02/21 Bunshun Online Tops 300 Million Monthly Pageviews NEWS Details
2020/02/14 Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now” a Bestseller in Japan NEWS Details
2020/02/07 Continuously read for over a millennium, "The Tale of Genji" is reborn through a new translation by Mitsuyo Kakuta! NEWS Details
2020/01/31 Delivering a Small Voice that Transcends Generations NEWS Details
2020/01/24 "Can’t Write a Novel Without You", a New Novel by Kazufumi Shiraishi NEWS Details
2020/01/17 The 162nd Akutagawa Prize goes to Furukawa Makoto’s "Seitakawadachisō" (Canadian goldenrod), Naoki Prize to Kawagoe Sōichi’s "Netsugen" (Heat source) NEWS Details
2020/01/10 Finalists of the 162nd Akutagawa Prize, Naoki Prize are Announced NEWS Details
2019/12/27 Nakamura Fuminori's "the Thief" Selected as One of "Top Ten Best Crime Novels of the Last Decade" NEWS Details
2019/12/20 Film Adaptation of Takeshi Shiota’s Critically Acclaimed Damashi-e no kiba Slated for July 2020 Release NEWS Details
2019/12/13 In the Midst of a Recession, the Japanese Publishing Industry Sees the Entrance of Internet Media NEWS Details
2019/12/06 Why Yōichi Ochiai Considers the Future to Be Bright NEWS Details
2019/11/29 The Twelve Kingdoms – Fans’ 18 Year Wait Comes to an End NEWS Details
2019/11/22 An Interview with Mizuki Tsujimura on Her New Novel Gōman to zenryō (Arrogance and Virtue): Carefully Writing about Oppressiveness in Marriage NEWS Details
2019/11/15 Rising Interest in Japanese Literature in English-Speaking Countries NEWS Details
2019/11/08 Project Launch Announcement 《Read Asia: Asian Literature Series》 NEWS Details
2019/11/01 A Collaboration Between Industries NEWS Details
2019/10/25 One After Another, Internet Companies Enter the "Paper" World of Books NEWS Details
2019/10/18 Checking Out Business Books through Abridged Editions NEWS Details
2019/10/10 Experiencing English Grammar through Hemmingway NEWS Details
2019/10/04 A New Mystery Novel by Shūsuke Michio, One of the Top Japanese Storytellers Today NEWS Details
2019/09/24 The Extraordinary Popularity of "Being Popular in Another World" NEWS Details