"Can’t Write a Novel Without You", a New Novel by Kazufumi Shiraishi


Can’t Write a Novel Without You, the newest novel from acclaimed author Kazufumi Shiraishi has been published this month by Shinchosha. Detailing a powerful philosophy of life and the art of attaining happiness, this is an autobiography that overturns the history of the novel, exploring the wisdom of an imposing genius of publication and the work of an author within its pages.

The highest peak, reached by an author fascinated by the divine.

My boss at the publishing company, my colleagues, my father the author, my editor. The more I think on the days I have spent with these men, time that I have never spoken of to anyone else, the more I question myself. Was I really spending time with them in order to write?

My beloved, Kotori. Unable to formally divorce my wife, I live together with Kotori. However, due to her mother’s sickness, we are forced to live separately. And since a certain day, I have been seized by a suspicion directed towards Kotori…