Wholegarment: The Philosophy and Technology of a Fashion Revolution
AuthorMasahiro Shima
ISBN978 - 1911498827
Sold toEnglish

usao MANGA
A story told from the heart.
The long-awaited publication of usao MANGA is making waves on Twitter!!
ISBN978 - 4594076443

A Man Hung Upside Down
Randy Taguchi’s Sakasa ni tsurusareta otoko (A Man Hung Upside Down) details the century’s most shocking events based on real experiences.
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN978 - 4309024820

Hikari no nai umi
AuthorKazufumi Shiraishi
ISBN978 - 4087716399
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
Sold toSimplified Chinese

The Tree of Courage
Despite being nearly half a century old, Mochi mochi no ki (The Tree of Courage), is a magnificent long-seller that still captivates readers to this day!
AuthorRyusuke Saito
ISBN978 - 1741264452
Sold toEnglish, Chinese, Korean

The Part of Me That Isn't Broken Inside
AuthorKazufumi Shiraishi
ISBN978 - 1943150250
Sold toEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese and Korean

Tokyo Geek's Guide
"Tokyo Geek's Guide by Gianni Simone is a resource for exploring manga, anime, gaming, cosplay, and more." ーPublishers Weekly
AuthorGianni Simone
ISBN978 - 4805313855

On the Shores of Memory
Are your memories just yours alone?

The story opens with the suspicious death of a world-renowned bestselling author and his surviving essays riddled with puzzles. But when the truth behind these essays is revealedーthe truth that deviates from memoryー"the world" trembles in shock.

An epic saga that overturns the vary idea of "memory" as the protagonist. Follow along with the younger brother to the author as he encounters one mystery after another. On the Shores of Memory shows a Naoki Prize winning writer at the height of his ability.
AuthorKazufumi Shiraishi
ISBN978 - 4041025277
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

Barbie and I
AuthorFumiko Miyatsuka
ISBN978 - 4750511054

"Asako," India's Freedom Patriot
A little known story about the ill-starred life of a woman named Asha has been spotlighted lately in Japan.
AuthorRyohei Kasai
ISBN978 - 4560084953

Tezuka and the Origin of Story Manga
This article is abridged from the book by Ichiro Takeuchi, Tezuka Osamu, sutori manga no kigen (Tezuka, the Origin of Narrative Manga), Kodansha, Tokyo, 2006.
AuthorIchiro Takeuchi
PublisherKodansha Ltd.
ISBN978 - 4062583541

Pain Navi Exercises
Dr. Hideo Doya provides hope for the millions suffering from knee pain. Build pain-resistant knees through his Pain Navi Exercises!
AuthorHideo Doya
PublisherAchievement Publishing
ISBN978 - 4905154938

Riku and the Kingdom of White
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN978 - 4908059247
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
Sold toUK

Eat, Grow: Simple Vegetable Recipes

Simple, Easy & Doable in the Kitchen
Veggie Regrowth!

Instead of disposing of vegetable skins, roots, and stalks,
cultivate them!

AuthorAkiko Ohashi
PublisherShueisha International Inc
ISBN978 - 4797673272
CategoryCooking, Food & Wine

靶子 为什么歌帝梵能够在5年内让销售额翻倍?
AuthorJerome Chouchan
ISBN978 - 4471401030

ISBN978 - 4537212686
CategoryChildren's Books

The Nestlé Method to Success
Unsatisfied with a 10% profit margin: the strategy that is beating convenience store coffee!
Leading the company from strength to strength in the last four years since becoming CEO: the method to success revealed.
Praised by the father of modern management Philip Kotler as the realization of his marketing theory.
AuthorKozo Takaoka
ISBN978 - 4046011640

A unique approach to management and life, taking inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Japanese martial art of Kyudo—The Way of the Bow

Applying the teachings of Kyudo to actual business situations, author Jerome Chouchan (CEO, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand at Godiva Japan, Inc. and holding a 5 Dan rank and an instructor licence , Renshi, in Kyudo) offers insights into the art and practice of management that allowed him to innovate and double the size of its business in five years.

AuthorJerome Chouchan
PublisherTakahashi Shoten
ISBN978 - 4471401030
Sold toEnglish

A Sweet Night Sleep Guide for Babies and Moms (*Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)

Over 150 Thousand Moms Practice This...
Magic Rituals All Babies Need for Sound Slumber!

Three Easy Steps to Tackle Night Crying Spells!

AuthorEtsuko Shimizu
PublisherKANKI PUBLISHING (Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)
ISBN978 - 4761269579
CategoryParenting & Families

The Concealed Recall
AuthorTakashi Shima
ISBN978 - 4478930793
CategoryLiterature & Fiction