On the Shores of Memory

Are your memories just yours alone?

The story opens with the suspicious death of a world-renowned bestselling author and his surviving essays riddled with puzzles. But when the truth behind these essays is revealedーthe truth that deviates from memoryー"the world" trembles in shock.

An epic saga that overturns the vary idea of "memory" as the protagonist. Follow along with the younger brother to the author as he encounters one mystery after another. On the Shores of Memory shows a Naoki Prize winning writer at the height of his ability.
AuthorKazufumi Shiraishi
ISBN978 - 4041025277
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
PublicationJune, 2016
Estimated length489P
Size × mm

On the Shores of Memory begins when Junichi Koga, the CEO of Tomoko's Soap Company, returns to his workplace with the ashes of his older brother who has died under mysterious circumstances. Having published novels under the pen name Jin Tezuka, the deceased was also a world-renowned bestselling author. From the collection of the mementos of such an older brother, Koga finds essays written by his older brother that are filled with nonsense about his family, a strange will, and an enigmatic exchange of emails with a suspicious character who goes by the handle, "Great White Shark." Are any of these things related to his older brother's death?

Koga, who for a long time had lost touch with his older brother, attempts to approach the truth behind his brother's death while following various clues. The path the lies ahead is dark, as he encounters one unfathomable mystery after another.

In the later half of Part One, the story takes a shocking turn, breaking the tacit agreement existing between writer and reader. In Part Two, the relationship between the Koga brothers and a certain religious body gradually comes to light. In third and final part, the story shifts from Japan to the United Kingdom. There, a surprise ending awaitsーa staggering climax where all the mysteries link into one, single image.

About the Author

On the Shores of Memory is a masterpiece approaching five-hundred pages and is brimming with mystery. In terms of sheer scope, it is Kazufumi Shiraishi's greatest work of fiction to date. This is the work of a Naoki Prize winning author at the height of his ability. Other acclaimed works of his include Me Agaisnt the World, which is currently available in English, and The Part of Me That Isn't Broken Inside, which will be released in English in August 2017.