I Lost Weight After I Stopped Dieting
You can lose weight by eating what you want and when you want. You don't need to diet; instead, simply enjoy the food you feel like eating. In this book, Matsuriko will teach you how to listen to your appetite so that you'll know exactly what your body needs in order to lose weight. You too will have a healthy, slender body, with none of the awful rebound effects of dieting!
AuthorMatsuriko Natsume
PublisherSaiunn Shuppan
ISBN978 - 4434084874
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toCzech

'I will make it! --- The World's Best Craftsman, Masayuki Okano
This is a book by Masayuki Okano, owner of a Japanese small family-run factory with only six employees, who makes the impossible possible.
AuthorMasayuki Okano
PublisherChukei Publishing Company
ISBN978 - 4806117605