I Want Peace More Than Diamonds: Confessions of a Boy Soldier
AuthorKenji Goto
PublisherChoubunsha Publishing
ISBN978 - 4811380018

Passing On Life: The Story of a Sixteen-year-old Mother with HIV
AuthorKenji Goto
PublisherChoubunsha Publishing
ISBN978 - 4811384740

Prayers of Rwanda: The Story of a Family Who Lived Through the Civil War
AuthorKenji Goto
PublisherChoubunsha Publishing
ISBN978 - 4811384979

If I Could Go To School: The Story of a Young Girl in Afghanistan
AuthorKenji Goto
PublisherChoubunsha Publishing
ISBN978 - 4811386119

Angel Sleepy's Quest for the Lullabies of the World
Here's to a blissful sleep for babies, mommies, and everyone else!
An audio picture book to help catch some sound Zzzzzs
AuthorHiroaki Okazaki (Text), Megumi Nakamura (Illustrations), Natsuki Motokubota (Piano music)
PublisherNihon Bungeisha
ISBN978 - 4537212686
CategoryChildren's Books

Gut power (Chounouryoku)
Discover how the latent power of your gut can change your body and mind
AuthorTakanori Naganuma
PublisherBAB JAPAN
ISBN978 - 4862206480
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toFrance

The World’s Poorest President has Something to Say
AuthorYoshimi Kusaba (Editor), Gaku Nakagawa (Illustrator)
ISBN978 - 4811320670
CategoryChildren's Books

Muji and Me
AuthorSaori Honda
ISBN978 - 4040669687
CategoryHome & Garden

Why Do Global Elites Use This “Framework” To Move The World?
Create and Act on Global Standard Scenarios via “Analogy”
-- Leveraging Aristotelian or Peircean Reasoning

A Mindset for Survival in an Uncertain Future!
AuthorTakeo Harada
PublisherKanki Publishing Inc.

What went on in my mind as Prime Minister as I faced the TEPCO Nuclear Accident
AuthorNaoto Kan
PublisherGentosha Inc.
ISBN978 - 4344982840
Sold toGerman

Walking with Sasaki: Eight seasons of light in rural Japan
AuthorAaron L. Miller

If There Were No Japan: A Cultural Memoir
Award-winning author, playwright, theatre director, translator and journalist Roger Pulvers, who has immersed himself in Japanese culture for half a century, delivers a firsthand account of the country's customs and the profound changes occurring in contemporary Japanese society.
AuthorRoger Pulvers
ISBN978 - 4797672213
CategoryBiographies & Memoirs

Run! Run! Run!
AuthorNozomi Katsura
ISBN978 - 4163254500
CategoryLiterature & Fiction

The Yoga Vision Method
The amazing all-natural way to improve your eyesight and prevent farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and senility.

The Yoga Vision Method
Regain your vitality and enjoy life again with this life-changing therapy

How to instantly improve your eyesight and maintain optimal, visual fitness!

Stop farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and improve your vision right now! Find key answers in this book.
AuthorKazuhiro Nakagawa
ISBN978 - 4103341314
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
Sold toItaly, Germany, Portugal, France, Spain

Leadership 3.0: Going Beyond Heroic-Leaders
AuthorToshiya Kosugi
ISBN978 - 4396113063

Lyrics of the Highland
From Japan's popular photographer comes this breathtaking photography book, ”Lyrics of the Highland.”
AuthorMakiko Akitsu (Author&photographer), Kazuhiko Tajima (Art Director&Designer)
PublisherYujin Kohobou Co.
CategoryArts & Photography

Practical Strategic Management: How to Apply Strategic Thinking in Business
AuthorEiichi “Eric” Kasahara
ISBN978 - 4806148609
Sold toEnglish

A Victory in Intelligence War: No Aircraft Carriers Were At Pearl Harbor
Traditionally, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor had always been discussed as a US Intelligence failure. This book, however, reveals the striking conclusion, based on ample evidence, that it was in fact the Imperial Japanese Navy that completely lost in the "Intelligence War" leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack.
AuthorShigeru Shiramatsu
ISBN978 - 4160087736

The Never-ending Progress: How Information Technology Is Making the World a Better Place
AuthorToshio Iwamoto
ISBN978 - 4492502525

Even After I'm Gone
AuthorMichiko Yazuki
PublisherKADOKAWA CORPORATION (Media Factory)
ISBN978 - 4040663517
CategoryLiterature & Fiction