Muji and Me

AuthorSaori Honda
ISBN978 - 4040669687
CategoryHome & Garden
PublicationSeptember, 2014
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Size208 × 148 mm
My encounter with Muji happened when I was in high school. It all began with the brand's stationeries, such as notebooks, pens, and pen cases. I was drawn to them because of their plain, no-frills design. When a Muji outlet opened near my home at that time, I began to make frequent visits to Muji, and continue to do so, to this day.

After my parents renovated the family home, I ended up with a six-mat room, so I went to the Muji shop to procure some necessary items. Among them were several closet cases and pulp board boxes, which I continue to use today without any difficulty, even after ten years of continual use, and even after their purpose and place of use has changed. This is because of their simple, unobtrusive design, which makes it easy to adapt them to changes in your life. In this way, Muji articles change with you. And that’s why I put
my faith in them. Muji consistently manufactures with the user's perspective
in mind.

When I began a new life after getting married, I worked part-time at a nearby Muji shop. Working there for about two years as a staff member, I was in close touch with Muji's charms on a regular basis, so my interest deepened more and more. Although, initially, my interest in Muji was for its stationery products only, today, I turn to Muji for help in all sorts of aspects related to food, shelter and clothing. Many of its products, after all, can be easily customized to meet the needs of individual lifestyles.

My home's storage solutions are 70% Muji. In this book, in addition to conveying concrete examples of how I use these storage solutions of mine, I have put together a compilation of storage tricks and ideas. Having said that, though, I must add that there is no correct answer when it comes to storage. Nonetheless, if you pick up this book, I sincerely believe that you will discover plenty of resourceful ideas to help you find and realize your ideal lifestyle.

Saori Honda
Organizing and Storage Consultant


PublicationSeptember, 2014