A Sweet Night Sleep Guide for Babies and Moms (*Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)

Over 150 Thousand Moms Practice This...
Magic Rituals All Babies Need for Sound Slumber!

Three Easy Steps to Tackle Night Crying Spells!

AuthorEtsuko Shimizu
PublisherKANKI PUBLISHING (Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)
ISBN978 - 4761269579
CategoryParenting & Families

I Remember When I was in Mommy's Tummy
The baby's listening! Watch what you're saying - or not saying! Surveys of little children that many remember prenatal life and their birth. Mother-baby bonding begins in the womb. Dr. Ikegawa urges loving talk starting from conception and shares actual children's reports, in this thoughtful and heartwarming little book.
AuthorAkira Ikegawa
ISBN978 - 4576021539
CategoryParenting & Families
Sold toItaly