Pain Navi Exercises

Dr. Hideo Doya provides hope for the millions suffering from knee pain. Build pain-resistant knees through his Pain Navi Exercises!
AuthorHideo Doya
PublisherAchievement Publishing
ISBN978 - 4905154938
PublicationApril, 2016
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For those that would like to find pain in ways that can be done at home, avoiding the risks of surgery, this book holds value. Do keep in mind though, a certain amount of time investment is required, as well as the mindset to keep up with performing the exercises and lifestyle changes suggested in this book.

There are many patients who visit my clinic that see dramatic improvement from the Pain Navi Exercises presented in this book, even though pain persisted after surgery. So for those who have dealt with knee pain for years, or those who have been told that surgery is their only option, don't give up. Instead of replacing the cartilage in your knee that you've been with for years, first, try taking steps to relieve the pain yourself.

In PART 1, I go over the Pain Navi Diagnosis that should be done before moving on to the Pain Navi Exercises. Please get an understanding of the fundamentals here before moving on to the actual exercises.

In PART 2, I go over the Pain Navi Exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home in color pictures. Read this part carefully and perform the exercises every day.

In PART 3, we look at the 4 areas of the knee that are most responsible for causing pain, and go over them using easily understandable pictures. In order to overcome the pain it is important to understand what is causing it.

In PART 4, we look at what can be seen as the root cause of knee pain, poor posture, as well as how to go about fixing your posture. I also touch on the importance of diet and keeping a diary.

In PART 5, I answer a number of questions and concerns with regards to knee pain in a Q&A format.

In PART 6, I provide the actual testimonies of patients who have seen pain through Pain Navi Exercises. There are even before/after x-ray pictures so that you can see for you own eyes the results of the exercises presented here.

So without giving up hope let's engage in Pain Navi Exercises.

Table of Contents
PART 1: First, figure out which type of pain you have with Pain Navi Diagnosis
PART 2: Alright, let’s practice Pain Navi Exercises at home!
PART 3: The source of pain can be traced to 4 parts
PART 4: Lifestyle habits to forever prevent pain
PART 5: Answering your questions! Knee pain Q&A
PART 6: Those who regained their life through Pain Navi Exercises

About the Author

Graduated from Nippon Medical School in 1994 and is the director of the Ochanomizu Orthopedics Function Rehabilitation Clinic in Tokyo. He has experience working for the Chiba University Hospital, Narita Red Cross Hospital, National Cancer Center Hospital, Chiba Children’s Hospital, Chiba Rehabilitation Center, and more. In 2010 he established the Ochanomizu Orthopedics Function Rehabilitation Clinic in Tokyo. Using his own experience with lower back pain during his 20s, he devised a treatment plan to help relieve pain on a fundamental level through nutritional therapy, order-made shoes, and therapeutic calisthenics. He is also an American Certified Foot Prosthetist.


PublicationApril, 2016