Wholegarment: The Philosophy and Technology of a Fashion Revolution

AuthorMasahiro Shima
ISBN978 - 1911498827
PublicationJuly, 2018
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In 1962, Masahiro Shima founded SHIMA SEIKI, with the aim of developing a fully automated seam-free glove-knitting machine. The company succeeded, and following this success, the expanded into flat knitting machines. However, the age of the computer ushered in a whole new era for SHIMA SEIKI. By committing to computerization with its mainstream products, the company gradually began to stand apart from its competitors. It was, in fact, SHIMA SEIKI’s focus on computer-aided knit design and programming, led to a revolution in the fashion industry. This culminated in the launch of the company’s WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine in 1995, which forever altered the way knitted garments are produced, and is used by fashion manufacturers across the world today.

Written by the inventor himself, this book looks at how Masahiro Shima developed both the technology and philosophy to enable his company to be a market leader in industrial knitting machines – and fundamentally change the fashion industry as a whole.

Just as human beings operate through the continuous transmission and processing of information between the many cells in our bodies, WHOLEGARMENT is based on a seam-free philosophy and provides a system for smooth and continuous computerized knitting that produces knitwear without seams and joints.


About the Author

MASAHIRO SHIMA founded SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. in 1962 and served as President until June 2017. He now sits as Chairman and Representative Director, and was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, 3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Japanese Government in 2017.