Rising Global Interest in Kazufumi Shiraishi's "100 Million Yen Sayonara"


Japanese Writers’ House is the agent for overseas publications of Naoki Award-winning author Kazufumi Shiraishi. In March, a traditional Chinese translation of 100 Million Yen Sayonara was published by 時報文化出版 (The Times Cultural Publishing Company) in Taiwan. Publishers in China have also begun talks regarding a simplified Chinese translation, as Shiraishi’s popularity in Asia continues to grow.

Title: 100 Million Yen Sayonara
Author: Kazufumi Shiraishi
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

A must-read novel written for those adults struggling through the modern age.

I won’t believe in my family or my company ever again.

What was the meaning of this? The recollections of Natsuyo’s state and behavior ten years ago were hazy, but she had reacted to the firing of her husband with such indignation that it was as if she herself had been fired, and seemed dejected by it. It seemed she couldn’t cover the shock of seeing the dreams of the Teppei family snatched away moments before they were planning to buy their own house. While such a reaction was to be expected, they were husband and wife after all, the fact that a large sum of two million yen was easily procured behind his back turned it from a mere mystery to what seemed like a ghost story.

A marriage of 20 years. The discovery of a wife’s colossal financial fortune. The continual revelations of a family’s secrets. An explosion accident traced back to a chemicals company’s internal strife.
Teppei Kanoh knows the secret behind his wife Natsuyo’s surprise. Thirty years ago, Natsuyo had inherited a large fortune from her aunt, and had kept it stored, untouched, in a non-interest savings account. Twenty years since they had been married. Why has his wife kept this hidden from him? From that point onwards, their daily life begins to quietly unravel. Unable to trust anyone, Teppei makes a decision, a great decision to get his life back. Are married couples just strangers in the end? What is money? What is work? An undoubted masterpiece by Naoki Prize-winning author Kazufumi Shiraishi that draws the dazzling fabric of human relationships.

About the Author: Kazufumi Shiraishi

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1958. Graduated from Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics. While working in a publishing company he published his first novel, Isshun no hikari (The ray of light), to critical acclaim, with many recognizing his talent as a debut author. He won the Yamamoto Shūgorō Prize for his novel Kono mune ni fukabukato tsukisasaru ya o nuke (Take out this arrow lodged deep in my heart) in 2009 and the Naoki Prize for his novel Hokanaranu hito e (To an incomparable other) in 2010. His other works include Fujiyūna kokoro (An inconvenient soul), Sugu soba no kanata (The beyond right next to me), Watashi toiu unmei ni tsuite (About the destiny that is I), Shinpi (Mystery), Ainante uso (Love is a lie), Koko wa watashitachi no inai basho (A place where we aren’t there), Hikari no nai umi (A sea without light), and Kioku no nagisa (Memory’s shore).

“For the last two years, I’ve focused solely on how to make this novel interesting. I wanted to win the Naoki Prize with this work.”
–The author

“A married couple, man and woman, family. A person has many faces, and many thoughts hidden within their heart. Therefore, life is complicated. Kazufumi Shiraishi has put in a great deal of passion and charm as he depicts the intricacies of life. A constant sense of heart-pounding thrills. That is this novel!"

–Hogiri Sai, Editor of 100 Million Yen Sayonara