Film Adaptation of Takeshi Shiota’s Critically Acclaimed Damashi-e no kiba Slated for July 2020 Release


Literary Trends in Japan 2019
Digest by Japanese Writers’ House

Critically acclaimed writer Takeshi Shiota has had a tough act to follow with his 2016 mystery novel Tsumi no koe (The voice of the crime), which sold over 500,000 copies and is slated for a film adaptation. He can rest easy, as his 2017 novel Damashi-e no kiba (The fang of illusory art) was shortlisted for the Japan Bookseller’s Award in 2018, and has also been selected for adaptation into film.

Yō Ōizumi, one of Japan’s most iconic actors, who was also the primary model for the novel’s protagonist, was the obvious pick for starring role. The director has been announced as Daihachi Yoshida, winner of the Japan Academy Film Prize’s Best Work and Best Director awards for his 2012 film The Kirishima Thing, an adaptation of the novel by Ryo Asai.

In the middle of a difficult time for the publishing industry, major publishing company is thrown into chaos by the sudden death of its founder and president, the subsequent power vacuum leading to a struggle over the issue of succession. Meanwhile, the sweeping reforms instituted by Managing Director Tomatsu (Kōichi Satō) is leading to more and more of their magazines being discontinued.

When the seemingly genial editor Hayashi (Yō Ōizumi) learns that his shopping magazine Trinity may be next in line for discontinuation, the fangs that belie his usual smile are unleashed. Together with the magazine’s new editor Takano (Mayu Matsuoka), all bets are off as Hayashi unveils an ingenious scheme to turn the tables on his future. A thrilling showdown between individual and organization in the midst of a declining publishing industry, Damashi-e no kiba is slated for release in July 2020.