Tokyo Cats Diary

How does your cat communicate with you? Does she sneak in while you're taking a bath, to get cozy and warm in winter? Does she steal fish from your grill? Meet these two adorable Tokyo cats. These humorous and human tales of their lives will make you want to snuggle with your cats too!
AuthorTamaki Mike
CategoryComics & Graphic Novels
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So you like cats. Do you wonder if Japanese cats have a different lifestyle from Western cats? They sure do! In Western countries, cats sharpen their nails standing up at a scratching board that leans against the wall. Cats in Japan, however, sharpen their nails on a scratching mat on the floor. They also use a different kind of litter box.

Have you ever seen a cat stealing a fish from your grill? Or warming himself on the cover of a bathtub? In most Japanese households, fish are grilled on portable cookers placed on the stove. If you're not careful, a crafty cat will snatch your fish from it!

And clean bathwater is often retained and reheated, so the tubs have covers to keep the water warm. Cats love to climb onto these covers to warm themselves.

In winter, it gets really cold. (The average household does not use central heating.) Then cats snuggle with you on the bed, even taking over your hot-water bottle!

This book tells you not only about the daily lives of those cats, but also intimate glimpses of the Japanese lifestyle through the seasons. The author also visits a few other countries and makes interesting observations about the lives of Western cats.

About the Author

A book designer and writer, Tamaki principle work is writing articles for magazines about cats, cat food and pets. She is the author of the books "Kashiya de Neko wo Kossorigai Suru Houhou (How to Keep a Cat in Rental Homes), " "Kyo mo Neko Darake (Every Day with Cats All Around)," "Eigo de Neko (Cats in English), " "Hitorigurashi de Neko wo Kau (Living by Yourself with a Cat), " "Apato, Manshon de Neko wo Kau (How to Keep a Cat in an Apartment or Condominium)."


PublicationJanuary, 2000