My Brimming Heart

Racing heartbeat at the beginning, heart filled with love, uncontrollable tears, a sense of insecurity running through my mind... The emotions of a girl in love are portrayed in "Gogyohka" (five-line poetry). Love spills out of 54 pieces of poetry.
AuthorFusako Ando
PublisherLyon Co.Ltd.
ISBN978 - 4576042534
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
PublicationDecember, 2004
Size × mm
A girl's love, from the beginning till the end, is expressed in "Gogyohka" (five-line poetry), a new form of poetry that is more popular than "Tanka" and "Haiku". This book contains messages to soothe the feelings of young women in love.

===== Table of Contents =====

Chapter 1: Never meant to fall in love -The Beginning
Chapter 2: My brimming heart tingling and tingling - Two of us
Chapter 3: I can't find your heart - Insecurity
Chapter 4: Hurting, being hurt, hurting - Goodbye
Chapter 5: I'll tough it out -From now on

About the Author

Fusako Ando is the Director of the Love Psychology Institute. She is also a writer and the organizer of a love psychology Web site "Heart Junction" (http://www.heart-junction.com). Following a divorce Ando studied psychology at numerous private organizations and started her own career as the first love counselor in Japan. She pioneered counseling via email. Her style of counseling, which combines her own "Happy Love Principle" with bits of advice, is popular with people from all walks of life. She has handled more than 15,000 cases and is working as an expert of love on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and other venues. She is a member of the Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Japan Writers' Club.


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