Psychic Therapy: Your Soul's True Purpose

If you open up this book --- if you really "open up" this book, if you open up your mind, if you abandon all prejudices and preconceptions --- you will discover your true purpose in life. "Psychic therapist" Kinue Shima guides us through the deepest mysteries of the universe and of our own minds, all in crystal-clear, jargon-free prose.
AuthorKinue Shima
PublisherKK Bestsellers
ISBN978 - 4584189825
CategoryReligion & Spirituality
PublicationDecember, 2006
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This book has a very simple goal: to allow any reader to easily discover his or her true purpose in life, on his or her own. To this end, the book offers concrete advice, explains esoteric concepts using simple analogies, and introduces a set of concrete meditation/visualization exercises anyone can implement.

The set of spiritual teachings presented here are founded on the concept that an ""astral world"" underlies our world. The astral world is the world of the unconscious and the world of the divine. Though the astral world informs everything we do, it is opposed to our physical world and therefore most ordinary people are not able to visit it directly. However, we can learn to access the astral world by practicing "self-therapy."

In the course of this self-therapy, the reader is asked to meet and converse with his or her inner child; to access the "astral library" and retrieve the single, special book in which a personalized message has been recorded by the cosmos; to exchange gifts with his or her "doppelganger," the alternate self with access to wisdom none other can offer.

===== Table of Contents =====

"Foreword: Welcome to the World of Psychic Therapy

Chapter One:
Where Did You Come From?
Why were you born?
Purification of the soul
The astral world: the origin of the soul
The great library of the astral world
You could be an alien
The circumstances of your birth were chosen by you

Two: Understanding Your Past and Future Selves
Time travel therapy
Touching the memories of the soul
The present is the past, the past is the present
Rewriting the past through time travel
Studying the scroll of the soul
A ""realization"" is more meaningful than an ""answer""
Is it really possible to see into future events and future lives?

Chapter Three:
Changing Your Present Self
You are the only one who can change you
Meeting your inner child
The child's room: self-therapy for your inner child
What your inner child can teach you
Reevaluating your family and your parents
Thinking about life at school
Your self as seen in the waters of memory
The memories of animals and plants
The meaning of our feelings about money

Chapter Four:
Meeting Your Soulmate
Everyone has a soulmate
Does your marriage partner have to be your soulmate?
What your soulmate can teach you about your true self
Your partner is also searching for a soulmate
Meeting your soulmate
Happiness is created by you

Chapter Five:
Finding Your Calling in Life
You have a calling in life
Considering your calling in life at the level of the soul
If you are confused about your calling in life ...
Thinking of your company as a living thing
Is your calling decided in childhood?
What you can gain and lose through your job
The job of the lion, the job of the rabbit

Chapter Six:
What is self-therapy?
Before you begin self-therapy
Visualization practice
Traveling to the astral world
How to enact the seven miracles
The miracles of the past
Miracles of ideas, miracles of health
Miracles of money
Miracles of customs
Miracles of love
Miracles of travel

Chapter Seven:
The Three Meditations
Universal consciousness training
Body meditation
Circuit meditation
Healing meditation

Chapter Eight:
Psychic Therapy Q&A


About the Author

Psychological healer, psychic therapist. Began her counseling practice, "Shima Hypno Solution," in 2002 with the motto "Life progress as you see fit." Commanding an ability to see through to the heart of her clients' problems and having mastered numerous techniques, she is generally able to point the way to a solution after only one consultation. She turns problems into opportunities, garnering praise such as, "It was tough, but I learned to laugh about it" and "This was the most mysterious experience of my life."

Eighty percent of her clients come to her by word of mouth, including many who visit from overseas. She continues to lead activities such as workshops, seminars and healing journeys focused on matters of the heart and the spirit.


PublicationJanuary, 2000