Japanese Home Cooking

AuthorReiko Suenaga
PublisherVeronica Lane Books
ISBN978 - 0982651391
CategoryCooking, Food & Wine
Estimated length158P
Size252 × 201 mm
Finally, a book of traditional and modern simple home cooking recipes created from easily obtainable ingredients that will help any cook who would love to effortlessly bring the historic culture of Japanese cuisine to the dining room table. With beautiful photography by Sadamu Saito and personal anecdotal insights by author Reiko Suenaga. This book will soon become a treasured resource for pleasing family and friends.

About the Author

Reiko Suenaga, PhD Hokkaido University, has carried out research on plant biotechnology during her tenure at Plantech Research Institute of Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperation. Her abiding interest in food and food preparation led her to establish herself at a food education counselor in 2006. At present, Ms. Suenaga offers lessons in Japanese cooking for both Japanese and foreign residents at her home in Tsukuba City. The author is convinced that there is much wisdom in Japanese food culture that can be applied to help people with obesity and other dietary-lifestyle related diseases, hence her resolve to pass on her practical knowledge through this book.


TitleJapanese Home Cooking
PublicationOctober, 2011
ISBN978 - 0982651391