Mimi works for a company that transports patients to mental institutions. One day 14-year-old Masaya escapes from her care. She tries to decipher his parting message "the bottom will fall out of the city," feeling that this somehow holds a key to his whereabouts.
AuthorRandy Taguchi
ISBN478 - 4344403525
CategoryLiterature & Fiction
PublicationApril, 2003
Estimated length332P
Size150 × 102 mm
Sold toItaly, Russia
Walking around downtown Tokyo looking for Masaya, she witnesses a mysterious sight: people suddenly stopping and taking out their cellular phones - all at the same instant. After glancing at their phone's screen and repocketing the unit, they start walking again. For those few seconds the world seems to have stopped.

She visits her mentor, psychiatrist Dr. Kawashima. He reveals that Noel, the founder of a cult, the Savior Relief Committee, has something to do with the disappearance of Masaya and the strange phenomenon in the city. Mimi goes to see Noel and discovers that her late father had helped organize the cult. Noel tells her to find Masaya on her own. Suffering from extreme fatigue, Mimi falls unconscious and, in a sort of trance, sees a vision of Masaya's whereabouts.

She finds Masaya in an underground tunnel in Tokyo. Masaya, however, perceives Mimi appearing in front of him in spirit form. Mimi sees her own body lying on a pedestrian bridge, bleeding from the head. Her spirit flies high and finally becomes a flash of light. Recovering from this second paranormal experience, she wakes up in a hospital. Mimi returns to search for Masaya, retracing the memory of her mysterious out-of-body experience.

About the Author

Randy Taguchi first started publishing her work on the internet in 1996, and soon had around 100,000 people reading her site. Now with 14 novels and 21 essays published in Japanese, and one in English. Taguchi draws on modern psychology as well as ancient spiritual beliefs to create a powerful account of grief, pain, and healing. Her writing style is vivid, with expert pacing and economy of words, and a visual quality reminiscent of manga or cinema. Her first novel "Outlet," has been a long seller, with more than 800,000 copies printed (in Japan only) since 2000. "Outlet" was made into movie in 2000, and following year its sequel Antenna, was also filmed. "Dekireba Mukatsukazuni Ikitai" won the 2001 Fujin Koron Literary Award. In 2003, the English version of "Outlet" was published by Vertical.


PublisherFazi Editore
PublicationJuly, 2008
ISBN978 - 8881129423
Fazi Editore