Diary of World Schooling

Award-winning book by minister of education in Taiwan.
You Iwamoto, a 20-year-old college student, left Japan for one year to find out exactly what was missing in his life. This book is a diary of his observation during his journey, and a record of his growth and discovery filled with laughter and strong messages.
AuthorYou Iwamoto
PublicationOctober, 2003
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Size186 × 130 mm
You Iwamoto is a typical 20-year-old college student, but he reaches a point where he cannot deny that something very important is lacking in his life. He makes the decision to leave his family, and friends, take one year off from school, and goes abroad. This book is his diary as he travels throughout Asia, Africa and Oceania doing volunteer work.

Although the journey turns out to be more of a struggle than he ever could have imagined, with his eyes open and heart willing, Yu continually learns new things from each place he visits and every person he meets. He learns the true meaning of volunteering in Taiwan. In Bangladesh, he gets frustrated that he cannot do anything for the people but realizes that remembering what he sees is probably the best he can do for them at the moment. In India he grasps the essence of true love, and in Tibet finds out that anything is possible as long as thought is put in action. In the Near Middle East he becomes confused about what is real and what is not, and in Africa comes to understand what it means to be human. Finally, at the end of the journey, he discovers what he has been searching for.

This book offers no explanation of the historical or political backgrounds of the countries he visits. It is simply an account of what he sees, and how he thinks and feels. Yet, because of his keen insights, this book is more than an entertaining report of his travels, offering much information and encouragement to readers.


Diary of World Schooling is the diary of a typical 20-year-old college student who decides to go abroad in search of what he is missing in life. The author, Yu Iwamoto, engages in volunteer work in some of the developing countries he visits, while in others simply lives there to experience a life he is not familiar with. During the entire trip, he never stops observing. His sharp insights absorb so much information, which helps him to train his eyes to see the true reality of life and not simply the disguise. This book is a record of his experiences, learning and growing. The trip is a continuing series of struggles, but his unfailing sense of humor helps him keep going forward until he finds what he is looking for, and at the end, the struggle itself is what turns out to be the reward. Written in simple prose in his own words, this diary contains a strong message and powerful energy. This is a book that can offer readers courage to keep going through their struggles and inspiration to be happy.

About the Author

You Iwamoto was a college student when he traveled through Asia, Africa and Oceania for one year from 2000 to 2001. While he was traveling he worked as a volunteer for groups - NGOs and United Nations agencies - in 20 different countries. In October of 2003, he published Diary of Wander Study Course, the account of his experiences from the trip. With the royalties from the book, he started a project to build schools in Afghanistan, set up through his website "GENKI CHIKYU NET." Because of his powerful experiences and deep insights, Diary of Wander Study Course has been a huge hit, especially among students, and has been reprinted numerous times since its first publication. Currently, he gives classes on personnel training and adult education in corporations, along with speeches, free workshops, and classes at various schools and non profit organizations. He continues to learn and experience life to its fullest.


PublicationJanuary, 2000