2015/12/25 Fuminori Nakamura continues to bring Tokyo noir to the world NEWS Details
2015/11/27 The Concealed Recall, winner of the Third Diamond Financial Novel Award!! NEWS Details
2015/10/30 An audio picture book to help catch some sound Zzzzzs NEWS Details
2015/09/25 Kenji Goto's compelling books NEWS Details
2015/08/28 Discover how the latent power of your gut can change your body and mind! NEWS Details
2015/07/31 The World’s Poorest President has Something to Say has become an unlikely hit, topping bestseller lists in Japan! NEWS Details
2015/06/26 Dalkey Archive Press has acquired World English rights to Kazufumi Shiraishi’s Me Against the World and The Part of Me That Isn’t Broken Inside!! NEWS Details
2015/05/29 Muji and Me by Saori Honda, a popular organizing and storage consultant in Japan NEWS Details
2015/04/24 What went on in my mind as Prime Minister as I faced the TEPCO Nuclear Accident NEWS Details
2015/03/27 If There Were No Japan: A Cultural Memoir by Roger Pulvers NEWS Details
2015/01/30 The nonfiction masterpiece, A Victory in Intelligence War: No Aircraft Carriers Were at Pearl Harbor NEWS Details