Soroban Brain Training: Rejuvenate Your Brain!

Stop Memory Loss!
Revolutionary Brain Training Method!
This high-profile method is widely reported in the news media!
AuthorKazuhito Kawanishi
PublisherTsukasa shobo
ISBN978 - 4812815816
CategoryHealth, Mind & Body
PublicationJanuary, 2007
Estimated length131P
Size256 × 182 mm
This is a how-to book that illustrates how to activate your brain, reduce memory loss, and prevent dementia.

This book offers various exercises based on the "Soroban (Japanese abacus)," an excellent traditional device of Japan which improves Soroban users' numerical ability. No knowledge of the "Soroban" is necessary.

===== Table of Contents =====

Paper-Rock-Scissors with Numbers
Soroban-style Finger Exercise
Soroban-style Finger Calculation (ABC)
Soroban-style Finger Calculation (101)
Clock Reading
Move the Beads!

About the Author

Following his career as a system engineer and IT consultant at a major information technology company, Kawanishi now runs the "Soroban School for Adults." His school is designed to energize the brain with a combination of a traditional teaching method and his own techniques. His students report, "My forgetfulness is all but gone," and "I could feel my brain rejuvenated." Kawanishi's innovative teaching methods have been also widely reported in the news media.


PublicationJanuary, 2000