The Samurai Gourmet

AuthorKanna Himiya
PublisherGentosha Inc.
CategoryCooking, Food & Wine
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Size246 × 178 mm
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The Samurai Gourmet ("Bushi no Shokutaku") is a collection of recipes orally handed down across generations. The book was originally published by Gentosha in 2011 and the author, Ms. Kanna Himiya, is a descendant of the chef of the Maeda clan, which ruled the Koga Domain. She has written five other books, focusing mainly on beauty and cooking. Through various media, Kanna Himiya has also been championing a new lifestyle for modern women.

About the Author

Kanna Himiya

Samurai Banquet Cuisine Expert and Dietician

The Principal of “Kirei Juku, Japan Culture School.” Descendant of chefs for the Maeda Clan of the Kaga Domain. Proponent of “Beautifying Diet: 21 Theories” that fuses modern dietetics with Japanese and world food culture. At her restaurant, Kyouo Rikyu in Tokyo, guests can experience samurai banquet cuisine served in dishes that are authentic Edo era antiques. Her other works include “Simple Meals for Two” (Graph-sha), and “Easy Beauty Diet for Weekends” (Shogakukan).
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TitleSamurai Gourmet
PublicationJanuary, 2000