Barbie and I by Fumiko Miyatsuka


Barbie and I
by Fumiko Miyatsuka

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With Barbie’s perfect proportions and high-sense dresses she immediately became a hit among girls when it started production in Japan in 1958. This is the shocking biography of a working woman who helped propel the image of Japanese products to the world standard during a time when they had an image of, “You get what you pay for.”

An often unknown fact about the creation of Barbie is the degree to which Japan had a hand in its creation. The original idea for Barbie is said to have come from Ruth Handler, one of the co-founders of Mattel, Inc., who gained inspiration for Barbie from the German fashion doll, Bild Lilli.

Official production on Barbie began in Japan in 1957. Ms. Fumiko Miyatsuka was assigned as an assistant to designer Charlotte Johnson and tasked with designing dresses for Barbie—Ms. Miyatsuka continued to design clothing for Barbie until she left Kokusai Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. in 1963.

Contained within Barbie and I is an account of Ms. Miyatsuka’s experience working as Charlotte Johnson’s assistant; their work, their time working together, and the impact such an experience had on Ms. Miyatsuka. Inside you will also find many accounts of rare and unreleased dresses designed by Ms. Miyatsuka herself.

Don’t miss out on this rare glimpse into the creation of Barbie!

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