Ichikawa Takuji has done it again!


--- Praise for Such a Gentle Ending of the World ---

“What a high degree of purity and transparency! This book reminds us an makes us realize what true love is all about. Gentle and beautiful, it is a masterpiece love story. Encountering episodes of pure and innocent love one after another, a warm feeling spread over me, gradually overtaking my entire being with powerful emotions.” (contributed by employee of major bookstore in Japan)


This is the first original writing in a long time by Ichikawa Takuji, the author of such bestsellers as Ima Aini Yukimasu (Be with You), Ren’ai Shashin (Love Films), and Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku (Say Hello to Him When the Time Comes), which together sold 2,505,500 copies. The book is published by Shogakukan, the place the author himself calls his “home ground.” With this new work, Ichikawa once again does not disappoint his readers. This is a supreme love story about all kinds of love―not only the love between lovers but also between parents and  children and between friends.

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