"The Samurai Gourmet" Facebook page has one million fans!!




It is hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by – Christmas is just around the corner! For this edition of the newsletter, we would like to share the latest news on The Samurai Gourmet Facebook page, which now has one million fans!!

The Samurai Gourmet ("Bushi no Shokutaku") is a collection of recipes orally handed down across generations. The book was originally published by Gentosha in 2011 and the author, Ms. Kanna Himiya, is a descendant of the chef of the Maeda clan, which ruled the Koga Domain. She has written five other books, focusing mainly on beauty and cooking. Through various media, Kanna Himiya has also been championing a new lifestyle for modern women. Currently, negotiations are underway for the release of an English edition of The Samurai Gourmet.

When Japanese Writers’ House caught up with Ms. Himiya recently, she touched on the topic of happiness and its connection to good food. Here’s an excerpt.

“These days, people tend to ignore unhappy feelings and pretend they’re OK. But when I’m feeling sad, I face it. I cry like a child when I go through breakups with partners. I think it’s important to feel sad if you are sad. Only those who can feel truly sad when they’re unhappy can feel exquisite joy when they are happy. Even if other people don’t appreciate you, you’re a happy person if you’re able to feel joy or satisfaction deeply, and if you can keep your feet on the ground. What matters is how you want to live your life. Above all, you have to take care of your mental health. The body is only a container for the heart. And food is the most important thing for mental and physical wellbeing, because truly, you become what you eat. When your body functions are in good working order, you’ll become physically beautiful. Only when you become healthy, with a beautiful body and mind, can you find happiness. “ --- Kanna Himiya

We will continue to be the world's best English language resource on Japanese literary works, and wish you a very Happy Holidays season and a fabulous 2013!

From Japanese Writers' House