Fleece Dog is now on Facebook!



Is it a real dog? A stuffed dog? No, it's a Fleece Dog! Fleece Dog is now on Facebook. We're sure you'll find your favorite dog, then like it to encourage them!

"Fleece Dog" is an original miniature dog made of fleece. Please enjoy the Fleece Dog World created by SINCO, the inventor of Fleece Dog. Since 2003, SINCO invented a new craft Fleece Dog made of wool (fleece) using a method of making topiary, which SINCO has been created with the moss.

Her book "Fleece Dog" published in 2004 with Bunka Publishing Bureau. And the book "Fleece Dog" has been introduced all over the world, with the overseas publications in England, USA, France, Finland and Sweden in 2006. Her activities have been showing TV shows, magazines and papers.