"TARGET" by Jérôme Chouchan


Right Shooting Always Results in a Hit

Two years ago we introduced you to the Japanese edition of Target

Today, Japanese Writers' House is proud to announce it's English edition:

By Jérôme Chouchan
Published by LID Publishing

Target presents a unique approach to business and life, taking inspiration from the wisdom of the ancient Japanese martial art of archery – Kyudo. Kyudo has a particular teaching: ‘Right shooting always results in a hit.’ This means that you shouldn’t worry about simply hitting the target; instead, you should calmly focus your energy and willpower on proper mindset and form. In doing so, this ‘right-minded shooting’ will naturally result in a hit. In the business world, we are all under the pressure of hitting sales targets, improving profit margins, increasing efficiency and maintaining relationships. The philosophy of Kyudo gives new perspectives and solutions to the struggles and opportunities that anyone may encounter in their business and career. Target stands as a relevant guide to our modern times. The Kyudo aphorisms have been passed from Japanese masters directly.


“A ‘lightbulb’ moment for me. Target gave me the perfect tool to use with my Japanese team, which (historically) has been very successful at hitting its targets year after year, regardless of how this was done. An ever changing world forced change to this approach, as hitting targets at any cost had become destructive. The principals of Japanese Kyudo keep the target as the focus but place importance on the ‘form’ to get there. The balance between ‘process’ and ‘results’. This applies to all businesses in any country… It’s working.”
— Paul Hardisty, President & Representative Director, Adidas/Reebok Japan.

“The book is inspiring and unique. The personal journey of Jérôme Chouchan in Japan and with Kyudo archery gives us an important message for our management in global companies – focus on the right things first and foremost: consumers and employees. Financial results will come as a consequence. Highly recommended.”
— Jorge Garduño, Representative Director and President, Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.

“A thought provoking and compelling book for those interested in the art of leadership or business leaders leading multi-cultural teams. Kyudo gives us a great example of equilibrium between purpose, process and results to become a true consumer centric company.”
— Nick Lane, President and Chief Executive Officer, AXA Life Insurance Co, Ltd.

“I met Jérôme Chouchan 35 years ago while he was walking around Eiheiji, the Zen temple, founded by Master Dogen in the 13th century. Jérôme started to study Zen, which connected him to Kyudo and this brought him up to look to himself which has supported him to grow into whom he is now. This book is an inspiring guide for this modern age at the confluence of teachings from Zen, Kyudo, and Business.”
— Master Sasakawa Kousen, Zen master, Tenryuji soto zen temple.