An audio picture book to help catch some sound Zzzzzs


Here's to a blissful sleep for babies, mommies, and everyone else!
Lullabies for the World: Angel Sleepy's Quest for the Lullabies of the World CD of piano recordings included

(From the blurb)
Hi there! My name is Sleepy. And I'm an angel who brings sleep and peace of mind. But lately I found myself so busy that I began to suffer from insomnia. So I decided to take a vacation and embark on a journey of discovery: a quest for lullabies sung all around the world! Hey, why don't you come along? Together we can listen to songs while gazing at pictures that are sure to make your heart smile. What's more, you'll be able to fall asleep ever so peacefully. Oh, and one more thing. I appear somewhere in all the pictures inside, so be sure to look for me in each one of them.


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