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2018/05/25 WHOLEGARMENT is published by LID Publishing NEWS Details
2018/04/27 TARGET is published by LID Publishing NEWS Details
2018/03/30 It’s official: The Red Circle Factbook is now an ‘Encyclopedia’ NEWS Details
2018/02/28 A story told from the heart usao MANGA
NEWS Details
2017/12/22 Our Highlights from 2017 NEWS Details
2017/11/24 A Man Hung Upside Down By Randy Taguchi NEWS Details
2017/10/27 A River in Darkness has been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews! NEWS Details
2017/09/29 The Tree of Courage Written by Ryusuke Saito and Illustrated by Jiro Takidaira NEWS Details
2017/08/25 The Part of Me That Isn't Broken Inside by Kazufumi Shiraishi NEWS Details
2017/07/28 The Ultimate Guide to Japan's Otaku Culture—Tokyo Geek's Guide NEWS Details
2017/06/30 Japanese Writers' House proudly presents its new business alliance with Red Circle Authors Limited NEWS Details
2017/05/26 A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea NEWS Details
2017/04/28 On the Shores of Memory by Kazufumi Shiraishi NEWS Details
2017/03/31 Barbie and I by Fumiko Miyatsuka NEWS Details
2017/02/28 A little known story about the ill-starred life of a woman named Asha has been spotlighted lately in Japan NEWS Details
2017/01/30 The Top 50 Japanese Novels of 2016 NEWS Details
2016/11/30 Tezuka and the Origin of Story Mangaby Ichiro Takeuchi NEWS Details
2016/10/28 A Sweet Night Sleep Guide for Babies and Moms NEWS Details
2016/08/31 Kazufumi Shiraishi's Me Against the World made its English debut NEWS Details
2016/08/02 Eat, Grow: Simple Vegetable Recipes by Akiko Ohashi NEWS Details
2016/05/02 Star Sand by Roger Pulvers NEWS Details
2016/03/31 TARGET by Jerome Chouchan NEWS Details
2016/01/29 The Top 50 Japanese Novels of 2015 NEWS Details
2015/12/25 Fuminori Nakamura continues to bring Tokyo noir to the world NEWS Details
2015/11/27 The Concealed Recall, winner of the Third Diamond Financial Novel Award!! NEWS Details
2015/10/30 An audio picture book to help catch some sound Zzzzzs NEWS Details
2015/09/25 Kenji Goto's compelling books NEWS Details
2015/08/28 Discover how the latent power of your gut can change your body and mind! NEWS Details
2015/07/31 The World’s Poorest President has Something to Say has become an unlikely hit, topping bestseller lists in Japan! NEWS Details
2015/06/26 Dalkey Archive Press has acquired World English rights to Kazufumi Shiraishi’s Me Against the World and The Part of Me That Isn’t Broken Inside!! NEWS Details


usao MANGA
978 - 4594076443

A Man Hung Upside Down
Randy Taguchi
978 - 4309024820

The Tree of Courage
Ryusuke Saito
978 - 1741264452

The Part of Me That Isn't Broken Inside
Kazufumi Shiraishi
978 - 1943150250

Tokyo Geek's Guide
Gianni Simone
978 - 4805313855

On the Shores of Memory
Kazufumi Shiraishi
978 - 4041025277

Barbie and I
Fumiko Miyatsuka
978 - 4750511054

"Asako," India's Freedom Patriot
Ryohei Kasai
978 - 4560084953

A Sweet Night Sleep Guide for Babies and Moms (*Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)
Etsuko Shimizu
KANKI PUBLISHING (Represented exclusively by Gudovitz & Company Literary Agency)
978 - 4761269579

Pain Navi Exercises
Hideo Doya
Achievement Publishing
978 - 4905154938

Jerome Chouchan
Takahashi Shoten
978 - 4471401030

靶子 为什么歌帝梵能够在5年内让销售额翻倍?
Jerome Chouchan
978 - 4471401030

Angel Sleepy's Quest for the Lullabies of the World
Hiroaki Okazaki (Text), Megumi Nakamura (Illustrations), Natsuki Motokubota (Piano music)
Nihon Bungeisha
978 - 4537212686

978 - 4537212686